Dash Board

A Dash Board is constist of Some Charts and reports with in the softwarr. It may vary users to users according to their permissions and reports.

You can view : 1) Sales Chart , 2) Last Five Actions, 3) Best Sellers's Reports Respectively. You can customize it as it's theme.

GST Intigration

GST Intigration to the software makes it the ultimate GST Software in India. Software decides tax smartly according to the byer's/seller's state and percentage with the SGST,CGST and IGST. You can even add more templates of tax as you want.

Multi Device/Cross Platform

Cross Platform Means our software can run in many Operating syetems and Devices. No Matters the device is running, Windows, Linux, Max or Android.

Operating System

TBS can run in Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian.


TBS Supports in thousands of devices including Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop etc.

On Cloud

The Software runs over a cloud platform to make it sure that your database is secured and uptodate anywhere you go.

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Retail Use

Bar Code Intigration
1. Automatic Product Count and Bar Code quantity Adjustment
2. Manual Bar Code Quantity Adjustment
3. Multiple Printer Support
4. Customizable Barcode Texts
5. Virtual Printing Support
6. Free Custom Printer Setup
7. Brand and Varient's Database Intigrated
8. Multi Register for Multi Billers


Point of Sale Option
1. Bar Code Intigrated
2. Auto Increment Quantity or Add Product
3. Option to Create a Bill/Cancel or Suspend current operation
4. Calculate with multiple Notes
5. Add Customer directly from POS
6. Register System for Regular Calculation
7. Supend Sale
8. Sell Gift Card
9. Indivisual Warehouse For Indivisual POS
10. Multiple POS at a Time
11. Bill and List Generation
12. Categorised View

Multi User

Add More Users
1. Create Unlimited numbers of Users
2. Custom Permission Selection
3. Multiple Billers, Customers, Vendors, Etc.
4. Set Indivisual Warehouse for indivisual users
5. Indivisual Registers for Indivisual Users
6. Special Links for every users

Wholesale Use

Tons of Features
1. Extra Bill Invoice for Wholesales
2. Process bills with Extra Charges Such as: Order Tax, Shipping Charge, etc.
3. Gift Card feature
4. Bar Code Intigration to add products easily and faster
5. Automatic Tax calulation and tax summury
6. Responsive Invoice Design
7. Add Payments Later
8. Return Sale
9. E-mail Invoice or Save as PDF

Report Generation

1. Warehouse Stock Chart
2. Best Sellers
3. Register Report
4. Product Quantity Alerts
5. Products Report
6. Adjustment Reports
7. Categorise Reports
8. Brands Report
9. Daily Sales Report
10. Monthly Sales Report
11. Custom Sales Report
12. Payments Report
13. Profit and/or Loss Report 14. Daily Purchases Report
15. Monthly Purchase Report
16. Custom Purchase Report
17. Expence Report
18. Customers Report
19. Suppliers Report
20. Staff Report


Bonous Features
1. Automatic Backup (Online)
2. Access From Anywhere in the world (Online)
3. Auto Receipt Print (Online)
4. Mobile Application (online)
5. Multiple User Rolses
6. Bulk Product/Sales/Purchase Import
7. Add Payments Later
8. Return Sale
9. E-mail Invoice or Save as PDF
10. Quotation Generation
11. Quotation to Invoice Transfer
12. Warehouse Transfer
13. Add Expence
14. Create Notification for Users/Customers
15. Over View Chart
16. Multiple Currencies Support
17. Customer Grouping
18. Price Grouping
19. Units, Variants and Brands Grouping
20. Manual Backup and Restore
21. Multiple Warehouse

Here is some screenshots

Below the device shows all the screenshots of TBS

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