TBS - Stand For The Infinite Business Solution, A GST Enabled Stock/Invertary and Wearhouse Management Software with POS and Wholesale Option. Let's Learn more about it :

Dash Board

  • Graphical Reports
  • One Page Information
  • Last 5 Informations
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Dash Board

GST Intigration

  • Optimized for Indian GST
  • Automatic C/S/I GST Calculation
  • Custom Tax Rates
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Multi Device

  • Can run in Every Device
  • Supported in Every Operating System even in Android
  • Even in a Browser
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Retail Use

  • Bar Code Intigration
  • POS Module
  • Multi User
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Wholesale Use

  • Multi Billers and Multi Wearhouse
  • Multi Vendors
  • Full Report Generation
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